Aircraft Philipp Group has played an  important role in developing this standard based on the long experience developing own software for the core processes. Managing incoming CoC and inspection certificates and an automated creation of CoC for their customers is one of them. The e-CoC implementation  at Aircraft Philipp is currently in progress. 

Aircraft Philipp Group is a second tier supplier for the aerospace industry and offers detailed parts and minors assemblies and therefore sits exactly in the middle of this process. They receive roughly 10.000 CoC or Inspection Certificates and create roughly about 10.000 CoC for their customers. 

They are offering services for implementing e-CoC DIN SPEC 9012 for CoC and DIN EN10204 Inspection Certificates in the supply chain of the aerospace industry.  This covers

  • Consulting
    • on site analysis of actual situation
    • process documentation with BPNM
    • conceptual studies for implemention e-CoC
    • specification for software developement
    • project management
  • Software developement